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Sugar Land Criminal Defense Lawyer

Caught up in a criminal justice system you don't understand?

If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney, chances are that you've found yourself in a highly disruptive and upsetting situation. That is why, at Mandy Miller Legal, PLLC, I make a point of making myself available to my clients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If for any reason I am unable to take your call - if I'm in court, for example, or meeting with another client - I will be sure to return your call within 24 hours. Your life has already been put on hold by difficult circumstances, so I am committed to providing you with the extensive and continual support you need throughout this process.

Serving clients throughout Texas

With years of legal experience, I am prepared to take on just about any charges you may face, from violent crimes to DWIs to theft, whether that means negotiating with prosecutors outside the courtroom or following your case all the way through trial. You could end up owing hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fines, or spending a great deal of time in jail, so it is critical that you secure competent representation as soon as possible to defend your rights and your freedoms. Criminal convictions, especially those involving felonies, can also stay on your record and have negative ramifications well beyond their immediate consequences.

The right Sugar Land defense lawyer could make all the difference.

Even if this is your first alleged offense, the outcome of your case has the potential to be life-changing. Furthermore, even if you have already been convicted of a crime, you may still have options: I am proud to aid numerous clients in the pursuit of expungement of their records, meaning that certain criminal acts will no longer appear to future employers and personal relations. The world of criminal justice is vast, complex, and often overwhelming to those who have fallen victim to it.

Your future is at stake, so don't trust just anyone - contact me today to schedule an initial consultation.

My dedication to you includes:

  • 24/7 availability to handle emergency concerns

  • Personal meetings with the attorney not an associate.

  • Working together for an individualized approach.

  • Free initial consultations either by phone or in person.