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FAQ's for Criminal Defense

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FAQ's for Criminal Defense

1. What should I do if I'm arrested?
If you're arrested, stay calm and assert your right to remain silent. Do not discuss the case or answer any questions without legal representation present. Be sure to immediately request a lawyer, and don't make any statements without their guidance.
2. Will I have to go to court?
Whether you have to attend court hearings depends on the specifics of your case. Your criminal defense lawyer will guide you on court appearances, providing information on when and if your presence is required.
3. Will my case go to trial?
Not all cases go to trial. Your lawyer will explore various options, including negotiation, plea bargaining, or pursuing a trial. They'll guide you through the process, advising you on the best strategy for your case
4. What is attorney-client privilege?
Attorney-client privilege ensures communications between the lawyer and a client stay confidential. This confidentiality extends to conversations, information, and documents shared with your lawyer, safeguarding your privacy within the legal proceedings
5. Can a criminal defense attorney assist with a wrongful arrest?
Yes, a criminal defense attorney can assist with wrongful arrest cases. They analyze the circumstances, gather evidence, and advocate for your rights, seeking to dismiss charges or rectify the wrongful arrest.
6. What should I do if I'm under investigation but haven't been arrested?
If you suspect you're under investigation, seeking legal counsel immediately is crucial. A criminal defense attorney can help you through interactions with law enforcement, protecting your rights, and advising on the best course of action.
7. How long will my case take to resolve?
Case duration varies widely. Factors like court schedules, evidence availability, and case complexity impact the timeline. Your attorney will provide an estimated timeline and keep you informed as the case progresses.
8. Are a felony and a misdemeanor different?
Misdemeanors are less serious offenses with typically lighter penalties, such as fines or short-term imprisonment. Felonies are more severe crimes carrying longer prison sentences and heavier fines.
9. Will a criminal record affect my future?
A criminal record can affect different parts of your life, including professional licenses, housing, and employment. A skilled attorney can guide you on possible options for record expungement or sealing in certain situations.
10. What rights do I have if stopped by the police?
If stopped by the police, it is important to remember that you have the right to stay silent and to legal representation. Be respectful and follow all lawful orders, but do not discuss your case until your lawyer is present.
11. How soon should I contact a criminal defense lawyer after being charged?
Contacting an attorney as soon as possible after being charged is advisable. Seeking legal representation early ensures that your rights are protected from the beginning of the legal process.
12. What should I do after missing a court date?
If you missed a court date, contact your lawyer immediately. They can help navigate the situation, possibly arranging a new court date and mitigating any negative repercussions.
13. Can a criminal defense lawyer assist with post-conviction processes or appeals?
Yes, a criminal defense lawyer can help with sentence reductions, post-conviction appeals, or other processes, offering legal representation for these proceedings.

Dos and Don'ts While Undergoing an Arrest

Remain Calm: Stay composed and cooperative during the arrest process. Panicking or resisting can escalate the situation.
Assert Your Rights: Invoke your right to stay silent and ask for a lawyer. You can decline to answer any inquiries without your lawyer present.
Consent: If you voluntarily consent to a cell phone search, law enforcement can proceed without a warrant. Understanding that consent must be freely given without coercion or duress is crucial. It is within your rights to decline a search and withdraw your consent at any given time.
Comply with Lawful Orders: Follow lawful orders from law enforcement officers, such as stepping out of the vehicle or moving to a designated area. Refusing to comply might lead to additional charges.
Keep Quiet: Avoid discussing the case or offering explanations. Whatever you say could be held against you during the case.
Document the Incident: If possible, remember details of the arrest, including officers' names, badge numbers, and any witness information. This might be valuable later.


Resist Arrest: Resisting or obstructing an arrest could lead to additional charges. Cooperate calmly with law enforcement.
Volunteer Information: Refrain from volunteering information or attempting to explain the situation without legal representation. Even innocent statements might be misconstrued.
Sign Documents without Understanding: Avoid signing any documents, waivers, or statements without understanding their contents. Request your attorney’s presence before signing anything
Consent to Searches without a Warrant: Do not consent to searches of your person, belongings, or property without a warrant unless advised otherwise by legal counsel.
Discuss the Case Publicly: Refrain from discussing the case, arrest details, or related information on social media or with individuals not involved in your legal defense.
Remember, while an arrest can be stressful, maintaining composure and asserting your rights respectfully is crucial. Getting legal advice as soon as possible is highly advisable to protect your rights and ensure a fair legal process.

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