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Don't know what to do in the wake of being arrested?

Following an arrest, the most important step you can take is to secure quality legal counsel you can trust; it is not advised that you even answer police's questions until you have a lawyer present. At Mandy Miller Legal, PLLC, I have been practicing criminal defense for years, and as a former District Attorney, I know exactly how the other side of the courtroom operates.

When you retain my services for your criminal case, I will use that knowledge to your advantage by anticipating and preemptively countering the strategies that I know the prosecution is likely to employ.

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Depending on the specifics of the offenses with which you have been charged, if you are convicted, you may face years in prison and substantial fines. For DWIs, this could also include the suspension of your driver's license, and certain violent charges could result in mandatory courses in anger management or similar subjects. A conviction for a drug crime could, in addition harsh penalties involving fines and incarceration, also result in court-ordered enrollment in a drug rehabilitation program.

Tomball Criminal Defense Lawyer with Years of Experience

No two cases are exactly alike, and so it is impossible for anyone but an experienced attorney who is intimately familiar with the details of your case to determine the best defense strategy for your specific circumstances. The first step in securing my services is to schedule a free case evaluation, so that we can meet, in-person, to discuss your situation.

The great thing is that you'll never have to talk to an assistant or a paralegal - from start to finish, I will be your point of contact and the person you can count on every step of the way. Don't wait - call now.

My dedication to you includes:

  • 24/7 availability to handle emergency concerns

  • Personal meetings with the attorney not an associate.

  • Working together for an individualized approach.

  • Free initial consultations either by phone or in person.