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If you are alleged to have violated the terms of your probation or deferred adjudication, your freedom can be placed at serious risk! You may be subjected to an extended probationary period or additional time in jail. There is no time to waste to defend your rights and protect your freedom.

Mandy Miller Legal, PLLC can provide the vigorous representation you need to quash motions to adjudicate or revoke. Once your probation officer has requested an arrest warrant, the legal time clock begins. As your experienced Katy criminal defense attorney, I can deliver the swift and assertive advocacy you require to go to battle for you.
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Assertively Confronting Perceived Violations

If you are the subject of a motion to adjudicate or motion to revoke, your probation officer has notified the court that you are suspected of violating the terms of your probation. Unlike most criminal proceedings, there will be no jury trial. Instead, you will have a hearing before a judge.

At your hearing, the prosecutor does not need to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, but only that there is a preponderance of evidence against you. Unfortunately, this is a much lower legal standard. This hearing is the most critical juncture in this process. Failure to have skilled legal counsel by your side could result in your immediate incarceration.

Mandy Miller Legal, PLLC can deliver the powerful representation you need to confront any perceived violation, including:

Not reporting
Not completing required drug / DWI classes
Not completing community service
Getting arrested
Failing a drug test
Additional regulations exist for individuals who are pursuing expungements, which I can discuss with you during a free and in-person case evaluation. As your Katy criminal defense lawyer, I can fight for your rights and help you obtain an expungement if possible.

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If your motion to adjudicate is granted, you will now have an established criminal record. Motions to revoke can result in your granted probation time converted to jail time. Defending against either allegations requires insightful legal counsel extensively experienced in this complex matter of law. As a former prosecutor, I am acutely aware of what it takes to successfully challenge such motions and can deliver the strong representation it takes to safeguard your freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Houston and throughout Texas, a motion to adjudicate is a critical proceeding that can impact your probation status. At Mandy Miller Legal, we understand the nuances of local laws and can provide the expertise needed to navigate these complex legal challenges effectively. Our approach focuses on minimizing potential consequences while safeguarding your rights.
A motion to revoke in Texas is initiated when someone allegedly violates their probation conditions, potentially leading to serious repercussions such as extended probation or jail time. Our firm specializes in defending against these motions, leveraging our extensive experience to protect your freedom and future.
If you're dealing with the stress of a motion to adjudicate or revoke, don't navigate this challenging time alone. Our dedicated team is here to offer the robust legal support you need. For a personalized consultation on how we can assist, reach out to Mandy Miller Legal.

Additional Information in Katy, Texas

Texas Statutes, Code of Criminal Procedure, Chapter 42A, Community Supervision: provides detailed legal language on community supervision, including conditions, modifications, and what constitutes violations that might lead to a motion to revoke or adjudicate. A comprehensive legal framework for understanding how probation and community supervision work in Texas.
Texas Law Help, "Motions and Requests": Provides a broad overview of the different types of motions and requests that can be made in Texas courts, including motions for continuance and amending petitions. While not specific to motions to adjudicate or revoke, it's a valuable resource for understanding court procedures.
Texas Judicial Branch Contact Information - While not directly related to motions, this page can be useful for finding contact information for various courts within the Texas Judicial System, which could be necessary for inquiries about specific cases involving motions to adjudicate or revoke
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