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Arrested for a Drug Crime: What to Do Next

Ever since the “War on Drugs” was launched in the early 1970’s, the United States criminal justice system has been attempting to crack down on drug crimes. People convicted of such violations are frequently slammed with penalties that seem disproportionate to the alleged crime, from decades behind bars for distribution or trafficking crimes to thousands in fines for possession of a few ounces of marijuana. If you have been arrested for a drug crime in Texas, you need to know what to do next – your freedom and livelihood could very well depend on it.

  1. Stay calm and quiet: This is true during all criminal accusations, but it is certainly worth mentioning here. Never attempt to resist a police officer and do not lose your temper. If you are asked any questions, respectfully decline to respond and state that you are invoking your right to remain silent. Law enforcement will often ask seemingly innocent questions to later incriminate you. Refuse to speak right from the beginning.
  2. Search and seizure: Try to keep in mind the specifics of the events that led up to your arrest fresh in your mind. One of the most reliable defenses to a drug crime is determining that any search and seizure was unlawful and, therefore, any evidence found during them is inadmissible. Ask yourself if were any unjust causes behind law enforcement’s decision to search your person or property. Never, under any circumstances, consent to a search of your person or property.
  3. Request your lawyer: You should be able to make a phone call once back at the police station – you might have to actually ask them to grant you one. Use it to call a criminal defense attorney or a family member who can retain one for you. Once that has been done, continue to remain quiet and let the police know that you are only willing to talk to your lawyer or when your lawyer is present.
  4. Consider a bond: Soon after being arrested you will be brought before a magistrate who will set your bond. You may choose to pay the entirety of the bond or enlist the assistance of a bondsman. Their fee is ordinarily 10% of the total bond amount plus fees. You will not receive this amount back after the completion of your case.

Most importantly, retain a criminal defense attorney

One of the biggest mistakes one accused of a crime can make is to either defend themselves or retain someone who does not specialize in criminal defense. If your house had a water leak, you would not hire an electrician simply because they also fix things. It is necessary that you hire someone who understands the complexities of the penal code, but also knows the lay of the land in your local courthouse. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a conviction that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

After you have been arrested for a drug crime, contact Katy criminal defense attorney, Mandy Miller. With a strong reputation for caring for clients and never using a cookie-cutter approach to the cases I accept, I will construct a defense that suits your case. Call 832.769.0613 today to schedule a free consultation.