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What to Look for In a Criminal Defense Attorney

First, do your research. Most criminal attorneys have a website now. Look at their qualifications. How long have they practiced? And how much of their practice is devoted to criminal law? Do they not only try cases, but study the law?

Next, consider their location. Is their office near your home or work? You may have to travel many miles to the courthouse for your criminal case. You may not want to make additional trips just to meet with your attorney. Is your attorney willing to meet with you at locations that are convenient for you?

How accessible and responsive is the attorney? Do they return your initial phone call within a reasonable time? Many criminal attorneys spend hours in the courtroom or with other clients. Even during those times, will they respond to text messages or emails?

Beware of the bait and switch. You may meet a criminal defense attorney, really like them, and develop a bond. But when it comes to actually handling your case, will you be pawned off on an associate or intern. If so, insist on meeting that person and developing a relationship with them too.

Inquire about caseload. Oftentimes, you will have to miss work and other important events to attend court. Will your attorney respect your time?

Beware of criminal attorneys who make guarantees about the outcome of your case. We cannot, and should not make promises about what will ultimately happen with your case. What a good criminal defense attorney should do is listen to you, evaluate the State's evidence, conduct a thorough investigation into the law and facts and aggressively fight for your rights and hold the State to its high burden.