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How to Appeal a Criminal Case

Do you feel that you been wrongly convicted of a crime? Did your attorney or the court make mistakes? If so, your fight for justice does not have to end. You may be able to appeal your case with help from an experienced criminal defense lawyer at my firm.

My firm, Mandy Miller Legal, PLLC, provides legal representation to individuals in and around the Katy area who have found themselves the subject of a criminal investigation or who have been convicted of a crime. I have handled all types of criminal cases over the past decade. I have aggressively defended individuals at trial, as well as successfully argued numerous cases before the court of appeals. If you are interested in appealing your criminal case, I can help.

There are many reasons an individual may have for wanting to appeal a criminal case. If you believe there was insufficient evidence to warrant a guilty verdict or you believe errors were made which led to your conviction, you can either:

  • File a motion for new trial;
  • Request that you be able to withdraw your plea; or
  • Appeal to a higher court to reverse the conviction of the lower court.

Although you still have rights after conviction, you must act quickly. A motion for new trial and notice of appeal must be filed within 30 days from the date you were sentenced. Any delay could waive your right to challenge the conviction. There is no reason to put your future and freedom at risk, when a simple phone call could get you started on the appeal process.

To find out more about what my firm can do for you, just pick up the phone and call a Katy criminal defense lawyer at my firm today. You can also schedule a free case evaluation on my website. My firm will work with you closely to see that you meet all the required deadlines so that your appeal can be filed in a timely fashion.