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If you or someone you love have been arrested and/or are currently facing criminal charges, then the most important step you can possibly take is to secure a high-quality, experienced criminal defense attorney. At Mandy Miller Legal, PLLC, I am committed to providing my clients with individual, one-on-one attention throughout the process - you won't be dealing with assistants or waiting days for a call back; you will have direct access to me 24/7, and if I am in court or with another client at the time of your call, I will return it within 24 hours.

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Any criminal conviction can carry harsh penalties, including jail time and hefty fines, but what many people don't realize is that the consequences of a conviction can carry far beyond the immediate legal ramifications. It is hardly a secret that having a felony on your record can negatively impact your future career options, and a DWI conviction could result in the suspension, or even the eventual complete revocation, of your driver's license. When you retain my services, I will never treat you as "just another case"; your future and your freedom are on the line, and that is not something I will take lightly.

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Only an initial consultation with a competent attorney can provide the necessary information to start to evaluate your possible defense options. Depending on your circumstances, your best option may be to negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecution without ever going to a trial by jury. Unlike other defenders, though, I will never pressure you into making a decision you don't fully understand. We will fully explore the option of taking your case to trial as well, and if that will give you the best chance at a positive resolution, I will not hesitate to litigate fiercely on your behalf in the courtroom. Contact my office today to get started.

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