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Our criminal justice system is an unfriendly place in which to find oneself, and with the state handling the prosecution, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that the odds are often stacked against you from the very start. At Mandy Miller Legal, PLLC, however, I have experience as a former District Attorney, and I will use that unique perspective to defend your rights and freedom against the prosecuting government.

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Whatever type of crime you've been charged with, from violent crimes to theft, you will likely benefit from a conversation with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Years of your life could be at stake, as some crimes, particularly drug-related offenses, carry mandatory minimum sentences, meaning that the judge will not even have the option of showing you leniency if you are convicted.

You don't want to lose your driver's license for a DWI of which you weren't even guilty, which is why I will carefully and nonjudgmentally examine all the evidence against you, looking for any potential slip-ups in the process or violations of your rights. The consequences of a criminal conviction are often long-reaching and severe, so let me do the work to protect you from such a drastic outcome.

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Of course it would be ideal to avoid conviction in the first place, but even if you have already passed this point, I would be happy to assist you with the appeals process, or with petitioning for the expungement of your record, so that your alleged criminal history will no longer turn up when you apply for jobs or educational opportunities. It's not too late, but the sooner you start getting the legal counsel you need, the more options you will have open to you, so don't hesitate - give me a call today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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