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After being convicted of a criminal offense in Texas, you may have the opportunity to have it cleared from your record with an expungement. The court can direct law enforcement agencies to destroy your records that are associated with an arrest or prosecution, including:

  • Jail records
  • Police reports
  • Prosecution reports
  • Court files

The expungement process begins with your petition as the criminal defendant. Upon the completion of a successful expungement, the petitioner can legally deny having ever been arrested or charged with their specific crime.

Who is eligible for expungement?

Records of a charge or arrest can be obliterated unless they can be used in another case. In such situations, the records can be retained by a law enforcement agency. Individuals who are convicted of offenses under § 161.252 of the Texas Criminal Code can apply to have their convictions expunged. The court will need to see that the individual completed all necessary programs that are part of their sentencing.

Under Texas Code Criminal Procedure Article 55.01, individuals can have their records expunged for various reasons, including:

  • Acquittals by the trial court
  • Convictions and subsequent pardons
  • Release without conviction

Additional regulations exist for individuals who are pursuing expungements, which I can discuss with you during a free and in-person case evaluation. As your Katy criminal defense lawyer, I can fight for your rights and help you obtain an expungement if possible.

The fight is not over – Call a Katy criminal attorney!

At Mandy Miller Legal, PLLC, I truly believe that the fight is not over, even if you are convicted. With a decade of experience, I have a strong knowledge of the laws associated with your case and can help you pursue the best possible result after a conviction, including appeal and expungement. Trust in the legal guidance provided by my firm and schedule a case evaluation to find out your available options. Contact my firm today!

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